Below is a list of valuable training webinars offered by Fraternal Trainer, Jon Olson. Please take advantage of these opportunities! Information about these webinars will also be available from our online Chapter calendar available on the front page of our website under Chapter Events.

 Monday 3/6/23 @ 6PM CST (7PM EST) Delta Drive Come learn how to do the Delta Church drive method. this highly effective process of growth through communication will help you go from prospects to members and answer the why of growth.

 Monday 3/13/23 @ 6PM CDT (7PM EDT) Experience

We will cover in this training Understand what’s meant by the terms membership experience and membership engagement and how the two terms are related. Complete the Council Engagement Assessment to assess their council’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to member engagement. Understand that member engagement is the council’s responsibility. Successful council engagement leads to members having positive opinions about their membership. Learn the five steps in the engagement cycle and how they relate to one another, ultimately leading a member to go through them again. Discover tools that will help address deficiencies in your council’s current member engagement as based on your councils engagement score. Understand that retention issues result when a council has failed to engage a member and show the value of his membership. These issues can be overcome by discovering where this breakdown occurred.

 Monday 3/20/23 @ 6PM CDT (7PMEDT) Programs

We will cover in this training Understand the council’s perception by fellow parishioners, particularly that of inactive members and future potential members. Construct a council mission statement that reflects the council’s vision and goals. u Understand the Faith in Action program model and its four categories – Faith, Family, Community and Life. Identify the council’s flagship program(s). Access the council’s current program regimen and identify the current strengths and weaknesses among its program calendar. Develop a calendar for the next 6-12 months that responds to the council’s mission statement and addresses some of the council’s strengths and weaknesses identified above. Understand the Program Director’s role in leading the council’s programming efforts.

 Monday 3/27/23 @ 6PM CDT (7PM EDT) Forms

Many councils have been struggling with where and how to fill out the forms on the Supreme website. Where do we find them? How do we fill them out? Who can fill out the online forms? Who has access? Lots of questions to go through and we will get the answers together.